FitFu 3 is released! Faster, leaner, meaner!

FitFu’s been on a rigorous training regime and is now leaner and meaner than ever – no more slow downs and downloadable over 3G. Here’s the details:

Faster… always

One bit of feedback we’ve had a lot is that FitFu slows down over time and gets bigger and bigger. So we’ve reworked the code and now it’s vastly faster and stays small and svelt forever. If your a well-established user, it might take a little while to load FitFu 3 the first time as it needs a moment to go through and delete all the unused files that FitFu 2 left around.

Not just lean, but mean

Having an app that’s downloadable over 3G is really important to many of our new users… but to do that we needed to lose some weight. Something had to go… And that something was, sadly, our colorful friend Fu. Now we know some of you love him (even Apple do – they feature Fu on their WWDC banner!), but we also know some of you are maddened and confused by the jolly music and videos so now he’s gone. Whilst we were at it we also redesigned the icon and a few other pages to make it clearer what FitFu’s about. Hope you love the changes!

We really hope you enjoy all the changes!

9 responses to “FitFu 3 is released! Faster, leaner, meaner!

  1. Please get back your funny logo!

  2. One word…..Android. It’s now the market leader for apps, when are you going to port across?

    • We’re unlikely to do it any time soon I’m afraid. Whilst Android has sold more devices than iOS it’s not as clear-cut as you might think. For one thing iOS market share has increased considerably this year and new sales have exceeded Android. More importantly, however, FitFu can only monetize successfully by being a paid app (ads and subscriptions aren’t an option, we’ve found) but on average very few Android users pay for apps. If we developed FitFu for Android we’ve estimated that our sales will only increase by 10-20% which, unfortunately, doesn’t make it economically viable.

      This isn’t true for all apps of course – Angry Birds is an obvious exception – but it’s true for us. Sorry.

  3. This is great to see! I’m really glad you guys are working on improving things. I personally was never a fan of the FitFu mascot – I thought it took the fun, gamey aspect a little too far in the silly direction – we are WORKING OUT after all – there is only so much *fun* you can add before we want to punch something ;)

    As mentioned in a feedback email I sent you guys a few months back, any chance we are going to see any of the following new features / suggested improvements:

    New Features:

    – Sync our activities to Runkeeper Health Graph. Please! :) I really want this since I log all my strength training activities in the HG and currently I am having to manually enter my reps using StrongerApp.

    – Import our current weight from our Withings account. This could help the app calculate the calories burned on each exercise. (This would help with the above)


    Automatically finish after each set.
    Why do we have to manually ‘swipe to finish’/stay still after each set of reps? Except for the last set, when we are trying to do as many reps as we can, all other sets have a fixed number of reps to complete. Surely it should immediately start the wait timer when we are done the last rep? Currently it is easy to forget to press finish and have the app accidentally record extra reps as we stand up. PushupFu/CrunchFu did this.

    Announce remaining wait time before starting the next set, and automatically count down to start.
    Please can you have the app announce how many seconds left before the next set of reps. It is easy to not notice when the timer has run out. PushupFu/CrunchFu did this. I don’t really know why you have changed this. There is currently way to much unnecessary user integration required. Why not have the exercise play through till the end announcing when to start, stop, wait, mount device, get ready, how many reps to do etc. The only interaction required should be to ‘swipe to finish’/stay still after the last set of reps. Surely this would be better? All you would need is a pause/play button to stop during the workout if required, and possibly also back/forwards buttons to move you between steps (in case you want to repeat part of it). This would also mean that you would not have to look at the device or touch it untill the end which would be much easier – voice prompts would provide all the instruction you need.

    ‘Stop squirming’ warning is way to sensitive (and very annoying!).
    A prime example of this is when doing pull-ups – when dangling from the bar my natural movement keeps triggering ‘stop squirming’ and means I can’t even start the workout! Please reduce the sensitivity, or give us a slider to adjust it. Better still give us a way to disable it entirely!

    Add exercises/courses into ‘My workouts’ section
    Currently the huge list is cluttering the interface and making things hard to find. It would be nice if we could add an exercise or course we want to do into a separate ‘my workouts’ section. This would keep the interface nice and clean. Take a look at the Fleetly app. It has the best design I have tried for this. Another solution might be to list ‘recent workouts’ in a seperate list at the top – it would make them much easier to find.

    • “there is only so much *fun* you can add before we want to punch something ;)”

      That’s what we suspected. And the new approach is doing well for sales.

      “- Sync our activities to Runkeeper Health Graph. Please!”

      This is on our list

      “- Import our current weight from our Withings account”

      We’ve not yet found a satisfactory solution to this. We’re still thinking about it

      “Automatically finish after each set.”

      That was in FF3.0 right until the last moment but we reverted it due to bugs. We’ll hopefully include it in a later release

      “Announce remaining wait time before starting the next set, and automatically count down to start.”

      It’s on the list :)

      “‘Stop squirming’ warning is way to sensitive (and very annoying!).”

      We can disable the voice, but not the functionality – the app wouldn’t work without it I fear.

      “course we want to do into a separate ‘my workouts’ section”

      Good idea.

      • This is great news, especially the Runkeeper support. :)

        Is there really no where to reduce the sensivity of the stop squirming message? For Pullups it is really hard to make the workout even start – I usually have to stand on the floor and stay very still to get past the message! Couldn’t the sensitivity be tweaked a bit. I would happily help with any beta testing. :)

        I had two other thoughts in addition to these:

        – Ability to re-test current progress level for each exercise

        In the event that we sometimes neglect our exercises (likely in my case!) and then come back to the app after several weeks/months it would be useful to have a ‘Test Current Level’ option that will test us to see how many Reps we can do and then pick the best stage for us to continue from (as well as optionally deleting any previous progress beyond this point). PushUp Fu has a ‘First Test’ option that offered something similar to this.

        – Separate Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups into two separate disciplines

        Currently pull-ups and chin-ups are treated as the same exercise. I think it would be better to separate them, no? The general consensus is that while they are similar, they do have distinct differences:

        – Prompt us to confirm all completed reps at the end of an exercise

        Currently whenever I finish a set of Reps, the App can add on a few more as I standup (before I have a chance to press ‘stop’) – it seems to interpret the motion of standing up as me continuing to exercise! While this would be fixed by having the App “Automatically finish after each set” (as discussed above), it might be useful to allow the user to manually confirm all reps at the end before continuing.

        Keep up the good work. :)

      • Great points as always, Olly!

        We originally thought about adding the two types of pullups, but decided against it as (despite people always asking for more exercises!) the list is already comprehensive vis-a-vis working out the whole body. Having said that, FitFu is shaped by feedback like yours and so we’d be foolish not to take it into consideration :)