FitFu 2 is released! Now with courses and awards

We’re excited to announce FitFu 2! FitFu now comes with 23 courses to train you from just a few reps to 50 or even 100 in popular exercises like Pushups, Crunches, Squats and 9 others. Not only that but we’ve made 88 beautiful trophies for you to collect and share on Game Center as you progress. And that’s not all…

Courses – from a few reps to many reps!

FitFu courses
With our hit app PushupFu we’ve trained people from just a few pushups to 100 or more. But for FitFu 2.0 why stop at just pushups… What if we could find a way so that anyone, almost regardless of their starting fitness, could use their Fu breaks to train to a large number of reps in a variety of exercises. In FitFu 2.0 that’s just what we’ve done… start out with just a few reps and surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Beautiful awards to collect share via Game Center, FitFu and Facebook!

FitFu awards
For FitFu 2.0 we’ve created 91 beautiful awards for you to collect as you progress along your path to achieving Fu. There’s awards for reps, awards for exercising regularly, awards for supporting friends on FitFu – all sorts. Once you’ve achieve an award you can share it to Facebook and/or Game Center from your profile.

And that’s not all…

We’ve also integrating Twitter so you can share your successes with your followers; added Game Center to show off your awards; redesigned the exercise counting screens for faster use; improved the Fu Time Diary; fixed lots of bugs.

We really hope you enjoy all the changes!

6 responses to “FitFu 2 is released! Now with courses and awards

  1. New user liked and dislikes:
    Likes: I love the concept. Help me get a work-out in. Get motivated w friends. Track progress. Fun interface.
    – I wish a “course” was a set of a variety of exercises. But a course is just 5 sets of reps. I would like it to suggest what exercise to do next. Base on how I’m doing adjust the exercise to swap an easier or harder exercise into my “course”… Or adjust the reps.
    – when doing a course, in between each set I hate having to keep “setting” the iPhone. ie. slide the finish and then hit start. The phone is strapped to my arm and this is awkward. Why not have the voice simply count-down a 10 second rest period and then count in the next set.
    – I need more time to get my iPhone into my arm sock! I hate being yelled at to “stop squirming” when I’m trying to set the phone. Could I tell fitfu how much time (or can fitfu figure it out?) I need?
    – I wish the voice would encourage me a bit… “keep going, just 10 more!” “nice work, a new personal best!”
    – I don’t understand the graphs next to my name. What does it show me? I want to see my progress charted over time. And I improving? How can I “compete” with my friends?

    • Thanks for the detailed comments, Steve – those are all great.
      We occasionally forget people still use socks – we’ve got used to using FitFu with armbands and rubber straps here at FitFu HQ. We’ll definitely keep that it mind.
      The little meters are explained in the tutorial, but briefly the large one is your Level and the smaller one is how active you have recently been, on average. We hope to include graphs and competitions, as we have in PushupFu etc, in due course.
      Yes, we hope to add more encouragements too! :)

  2. I just purchased CrunchFu and PushupFu before stumbling across FitFu – why is it not mentioned on your other sites?

    Does FitFu include all the features of the other two apps? If so can I get a refund iof the other two apps in exchange for FitFu? I find it very confusing that you seem to offer multiple Apps that offer the same functionality. Am I missing something?

  3. Hello i like the FitFu app but i hav a Ipod 2 generation and not work on this can send it last version of FitFu or link? thank you!

    • FitFu does not work on older devices I’m afraid. I think FitFu 1.0 did a long time ago, but due to the technologies we use we required iOS5 and your device doesn’t support that.