FitFu 1.6 is released! Now for older devices too!

Big news! After lots of tweaking, we’re proud to announce that as of v1.6 FitFu now supports older devices including the iPhone 3G and the 8GB iPod Touch 2G! Woohoo! Best of all it’s still FREE for the next few days!

Want to know what else we did this release? Here’s the list:

Performance improvements:
✓ Start screen loads friend list faster.
✓ App more responsive during sync.
✓ Accelerometer optimized for older devices.
✓ Faster exercise workflow.
✓ Profiles load faster, posts load faster.
✓ Network/API requests cause less load.
✓ Memory management.
✓ Friends list.
✓ Loading friends from Facebook now much faster.
✓ Avatar loading.
✓ CoreData optimizations.
✓ Now use LLVM Compiler 2.0 which makes faster code.

Overhaul reminder internals:
We forgot about the 64 scheduled notifications limit which caused the Fu Time Diary to not work correctly after a while. Sorry! To fix this, we’ve disabled snooze mode and have recoded reminders so they should now work correctly.

New features:
☆ See a list of your friends’ friends by viewing their profile.
☆ New posts – great for sharing to Facebook or via email:
☆ Workout summary.
☆ 100% activity.
☆ 100% activity over 5 days.
☆ Facebook sign-in uses the Facebook iPhone app for authentication if present.
☆ When viewing exercises through Select Each you can see your personal bests.
☆ Send a friend request to someone from their profile.
☆ Better visual feedback throughout the app (loading indicators, etc).
☆ You can now load older notifications.

Updated the FAQ.

Various other minor improvements and fixes.

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  1. Questionmark

    Hi im german so im ask you in german and in english please answer in english and maybe in german.
    German: Also ich möcht mich registrieren aber ich bin mir nicht sicher ob es kostenlos ist. Bitte sendet jetzt keine links. Ist es kostenlos?
    English: I want to sign up but i dont know if its realy for free. Please dont post links to the terms of service. Is it free?