Secrets of fu – How to use the Referral Bonus for extra points

Want to get more active? Want to level-up faster? “Secrets of fu” shows you all the tricks.

If you’ve read our last post you’ll know that friends in FitFu are pretty important to staying active. So to incentivize you even more we’ve created the Referral Bonus – simply enter the username of the person who referred you to FitFu and you both share a bonus. It works both ways, so if you bring someone to FitFu make sure they enter your username in their referral widget.

FitFu referral bonus

If you like, you can send them this blog post explaining things… but we’ve got an even easier solution – your own referral link. To make your referral link simply add your username to the end of ““. E.g. for the user “FitFuTest” you’d get:

That’s it! Share the link, add some friends and don’t forget to set your referrals for the Referral Bonus. Enjoy!

Found any hidden tricks in the app? Know any sneaky ways to stay motivated throughout the day? Let us know in the comments.

2 responses to “Secrets of fu – How to use the Referral Bonus for extra points

  1. Thank you for the app and the good articles you post on your facebook page. I am slim, but do sit for long hours oblivious to my health needs being a student and a computer enthusiast. As I read in those earlier mentioned articles, I think FitFu is a nice complement to a daily gym routine.

    I sure would like fitness friends through FitFu. So, search for ‘Gururaja’ in the Friends widget in the FitFu app.

    FitFu username: Gururaja