Friends are the key, so we’ve made FitFu free!

We’ve discovered that having lots of friends on FitFu makes all the difference to staying active, so as a bit of an experiment we’re making FitFu free for 2 weeks.

How much of a difference do friends make? Lots:

FitFu friends effect
In fact, some of our friendliest users are 10 times more likely to stay active thanks to the friends they made on FitFu.

How can I find new friends?

Here’s a couple of ways of adding people you already know:

  • Invite them via email/SMS in the app.
  • Invite them via Facebook in the app.
  • Search for them via the Friends widget in the app.

And here’s a few popular ways of finding new friends:

Don’t forget to make sure they enter your user name in the Referral widget and you both share lots of points.

I’ve already invited everyone I know. Is “free” useful to me?

Yep! A lot of FitFu folk have made new motivating friends on FitFu, so we figure that by getting more users in the system there will be more people to help each other. So if you’re all done adding friends you know already, why not just spread the word of FitFu.

Don’t already have FitFu? Then what are you waiting for – hit the big shiny button below:

5 responses to “Friends are the key, so we’ve made FitFu free!

  1. iInfamouZz

    Yay! thanks so much :) FitFu is my new favorite app.

    Add me: iInfamouZz

  2. I just got this app and want to make in app friends  anyone who reads this should friend me!! I’m a great workout partner

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