FitFu 1.5 is released!

Major new features:
☆ Fu Time Diary
With the new Fu Time Diary feature we’ve made it even easier to remind yourself when to get active. Try it now – launch it from the diary button on the home screen and make your own reminders with custom messages, repeat and snooze options.

☆ Unfriend people
You can now remove a friend – for example if you added someone thinking they were someone else. Simply go to Extras > Friends, swipe from left to right on the friend you wish to remove and then press Delete.

✓ Resume audio playback (counting/etc) after an iOS sound interruption (email received/etc).
✓ Videos no longer freeze when you plug/unplug headphones
✓ A couple more video related fixes
✓ Tutorial mode now correctly announces that you’ve reached your target

One response to “FitFu 1.5 is released!

  1. Irish Ninja

    Hey guys! Thanks for the new update! I’ve definitely put out the word on my facebook telling all my friends and family to get in on the fun and action.

    Thanks again for the continual updates, feedback, and new features!