FitFu 1.4 is released!

So much new stuff in this release – check it out:

Major new features:

☆ Post sharing
Proud of one of your posts on your FitFu board? Why not share it to Facebook or via email?
☆ Referral bonus!
Get a friend to sign up with FitFu and you both get points! (Existing users can enter their referrer too for instant points!)
☆ Facebook sign-in
No need to remember your FitFu username/password any more, just use Facebook! (Existing users – add Facebook to your FitFu account by going to Add Friend → Invite using Facebook → Login)


✓ Facebook invite posts – now formatted nicely and include your referral details
✓ Profile pages – much smoother now and many graphical glitches fixed
✓ Friends slider – various improvements (speed, reliability)
✓ Updated the FAQ to explain what a FPBOTD is.
✓ Increased touch area of account switch icon (top right)
✓ Performance/memory enhancements
✓ Sync performance
✓ Add unread count to ‘Extras’ button (top left, home screen)
✓ Add username choice confirmation dialog on signup
✓ Various wording changes throughout
✓ Clearer error messages


✓ Lots of fixes for various Facebook issues related to multiple user accounts
✓ You can now search for users with 2 character usernames
✓ Levels/points – fix an issue where the app thinks there’s the wrong number of points for higher levels, and thus displaying, for example, “178,142 of 150,000” instead of “178,142 of 200,000”
✓ Double posts much less likely now
✓ CoreData fixes
✓ Fixed a minor graphical issue with PIN entry
✓ Fixed some graphical issues with the call-in-progress bar.
✓ Clearer error messages if in app purchases fail (e.g. buying a new user account)

7 responses to “FitFu 1.4 is released!

  1. Hi, why isn’t FitFu in Slovak appstore?

  2. Well this is easy, but no leaderboard?!?!?!?!?! :(

  3. Irish Ninja

    I actually miss the challenges from the other Fus before FitFu. (Not necessarily the People vs People challenge, as I imagine a lot of people were easily cheating by just moving their phone up and down), but when GymFu would issue a challenge to me and we would compete. Sure, FitFu has some of the same feel to it, but the competitor is myself against myself…. maybe in a future release have the FitFu guy (or a new cartoon character could show up) challenge us to Battles now and then.