FitFu is go! Stay active with your iPhone

[Update 1: To learn more about the product itself, check our the Techcrunch article on FitFu first.

[Update 2: a massive THANK YOU to the people who gave us feedback and advice on Hacker News – especially re the marketing stuff. Invaluable.]

Woohoo we finally did it! FitFu’s now available for download from iTunes here. What’s more, we’re pleased to also reveal we’re one of the Y Combinator Winter 2011 teams – we’ll give that a post of its own very shortly :)

There’s so much to tell you about FitFu – from how we hacked together a prototype on Benjie’s air hockey table, through to how we developed the character and the design [mad props to design geniuses at – they will be featuring a lot in this blog!], through to sweaty stories of sitting in hot recording studios auditioning voice actors [thank you SomethinElse for your epic hospitality!]. Hopefully there’s something for everyone so we’ll start blogging the story soon, but first we’d love to tell you about the app… because… well… we love it and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved!

FitFu’s a personal trainer in your pocket that encourages you to do little bits of exercise throughout the day – a great way to get your body moving and your mind alert and happy. It’s perfect at breaking up long periods of sitting whether you’re tied to your desk working on an urgent project, stuck in your armchair watching TV or can’t get to the gym due to the weather.

What makes it so good? We’ve listened to scores of users of our hit(ish) app CrunchFu (which has been #1 Health and Fitness, Top 50 app worldwide, Apple Staff Pick, O’Reilly’s Best iPhone Apps) and combined that with feedback from some of the most influential health experts in the world to enable anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch to stay active easily – anywhere! Here’s some more highlights;

Track your motion

Using the accelerometer on your iPhone or iPod Touch, FitFu gives you feedback to help you keep going and reach your goals.

Celebrate progress with friends

Friends are the key to sticking to your goals, so we’ve made FitFu social; whether you want to cheer them on, thank them for help or just compare your progress.

Discover a new way to stay motivated

The more you and your friends are active, the higher your level and the higher your points. And points mean prizes; unlock new content as you progress.

Stay active wherever, whenever

No more being tied to a games console or a gym, now you can stay active wherever you are – be that your bedroom, your office, a hotel room or in the cabin of your Mississippi boat. (Really!)

We think you’ll love FitFu and we’ve got some exciting plans for it in 2011. If you fancy supporting us on our epic journey to get the world active again, then we’d be honoured if you’d download the app from the App Store by hitting the big shiny button below:

If you’re not ready for FitFu yet, then feel free to follow us via your favourite social network:,, and/or FitFu on YouTube. For Hacker News’ers, we’re JofArnold and BenjieGillam there.

That’s enough typing for now, I’m off to do some reps – there’s a First Personal Best of The Day bonus with my name on it ;)

19 responses to “FitFu is go! Stay active with your iPhone

  1. Dennis Gnarley

    “combined that with feedback from some of the most influential health experts in the world”

    Who did you talk to?
    Anybody I should of heard of?

    • Thanks for the question, Dennis.

      Is sedentary behaviour something you’re interested in? If so, google the last event I was at (Great North Run Think Tank) and hopefully that will give you an idea of who we’ve been speaking to. They are all very well-cited individuals.

      BTW, apart from occasionally hiring exercise professors as consultants I don’t want to imply they are somehow connected-to or commercially-endorsing our product. But they were integral in us pivoting from chasing the classic “30mins single session per day” to something more adhoc that’s easier for people to get into.

      If you are interested in this area, feel free to email me. The field of sedentary behaviour research is relatively new so everyone’s learning :)

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  3. Now that Android is quickly tying up with iPhone, are you going to be developing an Android app?

  4. Johan Furuskog

    Do you have plans to launch a API? It would be nice to publish the results in a toplist of me and my friends on my site.

    • Thanks for the question, Johan. It’s an interesting idea. What sort of things would like you like to do with the data?

      We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about privacy here also. For example, by publishing the data of you and your friends you’d be making their private information public. Of course, you could do the same with your facebook friends by taking screenshots of their statuses, but there’s an implied trust… I wonder how’s best to share information like this which, ethically, ought to require the approval of your friends first… Any thoughts?

      • It wouldn’t hurt to give people the option of turning on say one daily bragging post on facebook/twitter/Buzz, or even all activities if they’re not afraid of TMI.

        It would be awesome if “likes”on FB, got back to the app, that smooth entertrainer (or the FitFu mascot) could announce “someone on facebook likes what you’re doing, keep it up”.

        Also, what does PBOTD stand for?

      • Also, would it be possible to automagically export data from FitFu to Dailyburn?

      • “First Personal Best Of The Day”.

        Those are all epic ideas :) Thanks!

  5. Love it so far. How many exercises are there?

  6. Hi there! This sounds like a fantastic app, and I’m keen to use it, but it isn’t available on the Indian app store.

    Any plans of listing it outside the US app store?


  7. Alsonthemove

    FitFu is an excellent app – I have been using it for a week, and it us easy to see how you can make this a part of your daily activity. Please bring more exercises to unlock- great feature.

    Two suggestions:
    1. Ensure a 0.5 to 1 second pause between reps counted to prevent inaccurately counting reps.
    2. An export to .csv function.

    Great work so far!

    • That’s great to hear, thanks.

      You are absolutely right about the mis-counting – we left out this feature from the initial release but hope to include it soon.

      “Export to csv” is also a great idea. What sort of data would you like in the csv? I.e. what sort of stuff would you like to analyse and how?

  8. Fitfu is awesome so far, I just got it an I likes what I sees lol a next upgrade idea would be a recipe guild, a menu option to help you choose an cook the right foods for maximum weight lost! Make this the ultimate, and THE best app to download for weight loss victory!

  9. Hi, are there any recommendations when it comes to routines? Is it best to do soothe excercise one by one or is there a new set friendly system that I haven’t found yet in the app?


  10. Brutus Beefcake

    Add me “NillySoggin”