The end of a journey

FitFu is shutting down

After a lot of discussion we’ve decided to close FitFu to focus our creative energies on a new venture.

Since launching in Winter 2010 your feedback has been outstanding; from ideas to improve the product to stories about how much of a difference FitFu has made to your lives. We know from our stats that many of you are still active and have achieved really impressive improvements. We’ve had our ups and downs – including some serious setbacks – but you’ve always kept us motivated and we’re grateful for that.

However, FitFu has not been the commercial success we wanted and it’s costing us too much to keep running. We’d love to pass it over to someone else, but unfortunately that is not possible so the only option is to close down.

What about the app?

On Tuesday 18 September we will remove FitFu from sale and no further updates will come; if you haven’t updated to FitFu 3 and want to, you should do so before that date. We’ll keep the social network running until Wednesday 31 October, after which we’ll shut that down too; we’ve made provisions so that the FitFu app itself will continue to work but there will be none of the friends features from that point. As FitFu will no longer be available on iTunes, if you delete it from your computer you will not be able to retrieve it again.


We’re grateful you chose our app, and we’re sorry to have let you down, but we hope you’ll keep up the good work and continue to stay active.

If you’d like to find out what HasFu Inc is doing next, do feel free to follow us on twitter: @JofArnold and @Benjie. We should also give props to for the design and for the early iOS code and the social network – you guys rock.

Thank you.

FitFu 3 is released! Faster, leaner, meaner!

FitFu’s been on a rigorous training regime and is now leaner and meaner than ever – no more slow downs and downloadable over 3G. Here’s the details:

Faster… always

One bit of feedback we’ve had a lot is that FitFu slows down over time and gets bigger and bigger. So we’ve reworked the code and now it’s vastly faster and stays small and svelt forever. If your a well-established user, it might take a little while to load FitFu 3 the first time as it needs a moment to go through and delete all the unused files that FitFu 2 left around.

Not just lean, but mean

Having an app that’s downloadable over 3G is really important to many of our new users… but to do that we needed to lose some weight. Something had to go… And that something was, sadly, our colorful friend Fu. Now we know some of you love him (even Apple do – they feature Fu on their WWDC banner!), but we also know some of you are maddened and confused by the jolly music and videos so now he’s gone. Whilst we were at it we also redesigned the icon and a few other pages to make it clearer what FitFu’s about. Hope you love the changes!

We really hope you enjoy all the changes!

FitFu 2 is released! Now with courses and awards

We’re excited to announce FitFu 2! FitFu now comes with 23 courses to train you from just a few reps to 50 or even 100 in popular exercises like Pushups, Crunches, Squats and 9 others. Not only that but we’ve made 88 beautiful trophies for you to collect and share on Game Center as you progress. And that’s not all…

Courses – from a few reps to many reps!

FitFu courses
With our hit app PushupFu we’ve trained people from just a few pushups to 100 or more. But for FitFu 2.0 why stop at just pushups… What if we could find a way so that anyone, almost regardless of their starting fitness, could use their Fu breaks to train to a large number of reps in a variety of exercises. In FitFu 2.0 that’s just what we’ve done… start out with just a few reps and surprise yourself with what you can achieve. Continue reading

1.7 is released! New exercises for everyone!

Good news! We’ve have been working extra hard recently to give you folks what you’ve all been asking for… even more exercises! So limber-up and get stuck in.

New features:
☆ New exercises including Wall Pushups, Plank Glute Kickbacks, Left and Right Leg Lunges and Bicycle Crunches!
☆ All content now unlocked from start – no in app purchases.
☆ Add your friends to a group of favorites.
☆ A larger view of peoples avatar is available.

new exercises in 1.7
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How to help us diagnose a bug in FitFu – crash logs and the console log

Ever had an app unexpectedly close on you and return you to the home screen? This is a crash – developers try hard to avoid them, but inevitably no software is perfect and they will happen from time-to-time.

These bugs can be tricky to get to the bottom of, but fortunately iOS generates a few files that help us track them down. If you get a crash you can help us make the app better by sending us the files – it’s a simple four-step process:
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FitFu 1.6 is released! Now for older devices too!

Big news! After lots of tweaking, we’re proud to announce that as of v1.6 FitFu now supports older devices including the iPhone 3G and the 8GB iPod Touch 2G! Woohoo! Best of all it’s still FREE for the next few days!

Want to know what else we did this release? Here’s the list:

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Secrets of fu – How to use the Referral Bonus for extra points

Want to get more active? Want to level-up faster? “Secrets of fu” shows you all the tricks.

If you’ve read our last post you’ll know that friends in FitFu are pretty important to staying active. So to incentivize you even more we’ve created the Referral Bonus – simply enter the username of the person who referred you to FitFu and you both share a bonus. It works both ways, so if you bring someone to FitFu make sure they enter your username in their referral widget.

FitFu referral bonus

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Friends are the key, so we’ve made FitFu free!

We’ve discovered that having lots of friends on FitFu makes all the difference to staying active, so as a bit of an experiment we’re making FitFu free for 2 weeks.

How much of a difference do friends make? Lots:

FitFu friends effect
In fact, some of our friendliest users are 10 times more likely to stay active thanks to the friends they made on FitFu.
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FitFu 1.5 is released!

Major new features:
☆ Fu Time Diary
With the new Fu Time Diary feature we’ve made it even easier to remind yourself when to get active. Try it now – launch it from the diary button on the home screen and make your own reminders with custom messages, repeat and snooze options.

☆ Unfriend people
You can now remove a friend – for example if you added someone thinking they were someone else. Simply go to Extras > Friends, swipe from left to right on the friend you wish to remove and then press Delete.
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FitFu 1.4 is released!

So much new stuff in this release – check it out:

Major new features:

☆ Post sharing
Proud of one of your posts on your FitFu board? Why not share it to Facebook or via email?
☆ Referral bonus!
Get a friend to sign up with FitFu and you both get points! (Existing users can enter their referrer too for instant points!)
☆ Facebook sign-in
No need to remember your FitFu username/password any more, just use Facebook! (Existing users – add Facebook to your FitFu account by going to Add Friend → Invite using Facebook → Login)
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