Hello! This is the FitFu blog, where we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest about FitFu, “micro-exercise” and the great story of how FitFu came to be.

What’s FitFu? Think of FitFu as a personal trainer in your pocket that keeps you active with little bits of exercise throughout the day. It’s so easy to use, that everyone can fit in a few reps between emails, TV ad breaks, phone calls or meetings. In fact, it even uses the accelerometer to count for you – the ultimate in lazy fitness :) Find out more about it at http://www.fitfu.com

This idea of “micro-exercise” is fairly new in health and fitness, but it’s supported by some of the top experts in world including the Surgeon General and the World Health Organisation. They’ve shown that many people are at risk of serious health problems if they sit down all day… so serious, in fact, that the health effects are thought to be greater than stress, depression, diabetes and alcohol combined.

We love to solve big problems, so we decided to create an app that was so friendly, so inspiring and so easy to use that anyone would enjoy staying active with it. We decided to call it “FitFu” after the expression “Kung Fu”, means “sticking at something to reach a goal”. Find out more about us here: www.fitfu.com/i/about

When not on this blog you’ll most likely find us chatting with our fans on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FitFu – be sure to visit us and Like the page!


The FitFu Team

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