1.7 is released! New exercises for everyone!

Good news! We’ve have been working extra hard recently to give you folks what you’ve all been asking for… even more exercises! So limber-up and get stuck in.

New features:
☆ New exercises including Wall Pushups, Plank Glute Kickbacks, Left and Right Leg Lunges and Bicycle Crunches!
☆ All content now unlocked from start – no in app purchases.
☆ Add your friends to a group of favorites.
☆ A larger view of peoples avatar is available.

new exercises in 1.7

☆ Mute switch now respected and audio interruptions are handled better.
☆ Performance enhancements and memory leak fixes.
☆ Various API issues (speed and sync mainly).
☆ Various other bug and crash fixes.

We have also updated the F.A.Q.

Don’t forget to create your free FitFu account:
✓ Make friends – friends are the key to staying motivated!
✓ Get a huge points bonus by entering your referrer (see the extras button top left of Start screen).
✓ Unlock the additional exercises FREE by signing up for your FitFu account.
✓ Backup your data.
✓ Share your progress with your Facebook friends.
✓ Share your data across multiple devices.

2 responses to “1.7 is released! New exercises for everyone!

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  2. What we really need is some cardio excersizes on FitFu. And it’d be great if you could unlock more excersizes by moving up levels as it would provide extra motivation.